Hidden Giants – Birmingham by Night exhibition

Date: 19th March 2023 Category: View Project

As a Deaf artist myself I thought about the perspectives and views of the key workers, particularly night workers, in the past and present day. Using wording displayed on the base with some lettering missing or distorted / discarded as many of the workers that work at night time are often not seen or heard… Some words from the workers are overlooked.

I wanted to colour the figures to visually represent:

Blue = NHS / Medical / Carers
Green = Army / Ambulance / Zoo Keepers
Orange = Roadworkers / Engineering night workers
Yellow = Roadworkers / Factory workers
Red = Fire services / Lifeboat services

There are many more key worker jobs than you may think. You may notice that some of the colour figures have arms and legs missing, they are Deaf/disabled key workers also working alongside non-Deaf/disabled people during the night.

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