James and the Golden Fleece – Royal Highland Show – Flock to the Show 2023

Date: 23rd March 2023 Category: View Project

My design ‘James and the Golden Fleece’ – Royal Highland Show – Flock to the Show 2023

Inspired by colours of the highlands and Scottish identity, ‘Golden Shears’ and the challenges of shearing the sheep to remove the wool, reminded me of the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology and the classic film Jason and the Argonauts. 

The golden fleece symbolises authority and kingship like the sheep’s golden wool on my design, the Tartan pattern recognises Scottish pride in history and tradition.

I have titled the piece ‘James and the Golden Fleece’  (James instead of Jason). Using the myth of Jason’s journey to reflect the King’s journeys of Scotland and their islands in search of the Golden Fleece. 

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