Speed of Light into the Light Fantastic

Date: 6th February 2015 Category: ,

Based on the idea from the famous German scientist Albert Einstein who is best known for his theory of relativity. He said that if you sit on a ray travelling at the speed of light, you would see all of the multi-colourful light that surrounds you, with no fixed shapes/images. This is because you would be travelling at extreme speed and far faster than you could grasp any visions. The  speed of light is 186, 282.397 miles per second. I created my images before realising this and when watching a programme about Albert Einstein, I feel this image displays something similar to his theory. 

This is a truly unique piece of work borne from an experiment with a special piece of machinery after a visit to a funfair, with the idea being that when you travel really fast and ultimately at the speed of light colour disappears and is no longer visible.  People who have seen this piece like it a lot, commenting that it reminds them of a butterfly or a bird with wings in flight.  This piece cannot be recreated as the equipment used to create it following the colours I have chosen will not produce the exact same effect twice.

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