Love, Love, Love, Lincolnshire – St Barnabas – HeART Trail 2023

Date: 19th June 2023 Category:

My design ‘Love, Love, Love, Lincolnshire’ – St Barnabas – HeART Trail 2023

This design celebrates the work of St Barnabas with a golden heart and contemporary block lettering in Lincolnshire colours, inspired by popular street art found in many cities.

Can you count the amount of ‘Love’ words? We’ll tell you how many there are to find: 40, for the forty years that St Barnabas has been supporting patients and their families across Lincolnshire.

You will also find one additional Lincolnshire heart to represent admiration, community, close bonds, love and support.

This design brings to mind the lyrics of the famous Beatles song All You Need is Love, which starts with the words “Love, love, love…” – something that resonates with young and old.

To learn more about the HeART, Olivier has created a video explaining his design process, which you can watch here! – Link

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