Nuffin for the Puffin – Puffin Galore! 2022/2023

Date: 2nd July 2022 Category: View Project


My design ‘Nuffin for the Puffin’ –  Puffin Galore!

Special thanks to the Brignall family for sponsoring me to paint and draw ’Nuffin for the Puffin” on a large 3D model.

Inspired by the theme of endangered wildlife of the coasts and seas, Olivier’s design depicts the Puffins’ challenging life, their search for food and their connection with nature and each other. But the litter jungle in their natural habitat interferes with their lives as well as with ours. Would we like to swim in the litter-sea? What legacy are we leaving for the Puffins, as well as for ourselves, if it takes 500 years for a piece of plastic to break down? Will the Puffins last that long? Will their habitat? How do we imagine our planet in 2522 AD?

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