Lost in Translation / Wrong Way Fish!

Date: 29th January 2016 Category: , ,

Can you spot the fish swimming in the opposite direction?

Why you may ask?

We all experience times when we are going in a different direction from others being unsure who is right and who is wrong.

This piece is reflective of an early childhood experience I had when, although being Deaf, I was happy to travel independently and hoped that my Deafness would not be a barrier to me achieving independence.  Unfortunately I was catching a train only to watch my fellow commuters leaving the train platform we were on for our outbound destination to rush off busily in the opposite direction.  I had no idea what was going on as I could not hear the announcement being made over the loud speaker system and the usual seen on screen information was not available.  As I eventually made my way through the mass of commuters I soon realised that I was again on the wrong platform 14, when everyone else going my way were on platform 7 and I missed my train.  With no-one to alert me to the correct platform change I ended up missing my train as I had been heading in the wrong direction.  This reinforces that Deaf and hard of hearing people are trying to overcome barriers like these on a daily basis through sheer determination. This was the perfect example of me being a ‘wrong way fish’ as depicted here.

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